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The New Website Playbook

With this ebook, you'll get everything you need to determine if and when you need a new website, convince your boss to sign off, and get started on that great new site.


What you'll learn

Do I need a new website?

The decision to get a new website shouldn’t be based on a hunch.  Use our checklist to help make the choice.

How to convince my boss?

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a new website can be your manager - don't let that happen to you.

Where do I start?

Your goal going into the new website shouldn't be "get a new website." You need to start with business goals.

How do I pick the right agency?

There are literally hundreds of web designers in your area that could make a new website for you.

Drive more traffic

A new website can do wonders for your SEO

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And determine how to approach a new website project